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Snow Pond Technology Group

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, you deserve to have your IT systems running at peak performance just like the Fortune 500 companies do, but without the huge expense. Using our Managed IT Services gives you that peace of mind that your IT systems are being monitored and properly maintained.

Here are a few key features of our Managed Services plans:

  • Managed antivirus software:  Once installed on your computer systems, we monitor the antivirus software 24×7 to make sure it is providing coverage from virus and malware infections.
  • Patch management:  We take care of installing the latest software patches for many 3rd party applications that you use.
  • Web filtering:  Make sure your employees stay focused on the job and prevent them from browsing web sites that you do not approve of and to keep from getting virus and malware infections.
  • E-mail filtering:  Your business e-mail flows through our managed e-mail filtering service to block spam/unsolicited junk e-mails, phishing e-mails, and viruses attached to e-mails which increases productivity by reducing time spent manually removing those e-mails not relevant to your business.
  • Remote monitoring:  Our software agents keep a proactive monitor on your systems every 5 minutes and will alert us of any potential issues, such as possible hardware failures, overloaded systems, and Windows services not running correctly.
  • Maintenance labor:  Included with our premium plans, we will take care of fixing issues like updates not installing correctly, line-of-business application not working, software issues, and more. No extra charge per month for fixing these issues which allows your business to easily budget how much IT costs will be each year.

Contact us today to discuss how Managed IT Services can make your business systems run at peak performance.