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Backup & Recovery

Don’t let that one keystroke or failing harddrive cause the loss of your business data. Let us install a data backup solution to keep those important documents, photos, and e-mail backed up 24×7. Servers too! Our solutions can be installed as an on-site software backup solution, on-site backup appliances, an off-site cloud backup solution, and off-site backup appliances. You can choose to back up every system and server or just servers. You pick the solution that fits your risk level and we’ll install it.

Have a harddrive that is not working with critical data that you need restored? We’ve partnered with data recovery companies who can rebuild your harddrive in a clean room and recover that irreplaceable data.

Is the data on your office servers being backed up on-site and off-site? What if you had a fire at your business? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? We can help you create one so you know what to do in case disaster ever strikes your business.